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Hotel Policy

1. Reservation Conditions
Reservation of suites, guests’ check-in and check-out from the hotel can be made at any time of day.
Guests’ check-out finishes at 12:00, check-in starts at 15:00. At the event of late check-out (after 12:00), hotel administration can require paying 50% of the cost of accommodation per one night and 100% of the cost of accommodation per one night for additional occupation of a suite after 18:00.

2. Canceling Registration 
The guest can cancel the registration if he/she has changed his/her mind.
If the registration is cancelled 48 hours before the day of stay, the fee will be not charged. In the event of guest’s late check-in or of no-show by the agreed time, the hotel is entitled to the 100% compensation of the cost of accommodation for one night.
The hotel reserves the right to the 100% credit card’s funds block of accommodation price for one night till the arrival of a guest.
The credit card’s funds block is made 10 days before the guest’s arrival. In the event of suite’s booking less than 10 days before the guest’s arrival, the credit card’s funds block is made just after the booking.
In emergency situations, the hotel can cancel booking for objective reasons, for example:
- the hotel does not accept liability for force majeure or other reasons which affect hotel service performance; 
- if wrong or misleading information concerning personal identity or intention of stay is provided by booking of a suite;
- the hotel has any reason to suppose that the client’s use of services can be dangerous and affect hotel service performance or social reputations of the hotel, no matter if a situation is within the competence of state institutes of Latvian Republic or of the hotel administration;
By reasonable booking cancellation on behalf of the hotel, the client has no right to the damage compensation.

3. Acceptable Credit Cards
By booking of a hotel’s suite, the client must provide the credit card number and expiry date of it to the hotel administration insuring hotel service payment in the event of late booking cancellation or no-show. Hotel administration guarantees full anonymity and safety of any private guest’s information. The hotel accepts American Express, Visa, Euro/MasterCard, Maestro credit cards for the payment of hotel services.

4. Payment Conditions
Bill for services must be paid before or on client’s check-out from the hotel. In the event that the client did not pay hotel services till the agreed time, the hotel is entitled to charge the total amount for the accommodation and additional services of the hotel from client’s credit card. 
Additional services are not automatically included in the accommodation price but are paid before or at the time of guest’s check-out from the hotel.
The guest can place money on deposit to pay additional services. 
Payment for accommodation and additional services is performed according to the price list that is confirmed by the hotel administration.

5. The hotel administration determines the list of services which are included in the accommodation price. Included in the accommodation price services are provided only to registered guests of the hotel.

6. Suites of the hotel are equipped with personal safes for guests’ personal property keeping. The hotel takes no responsibility for the safety of guests’ personal property.

7. In our hotel, it is forbidden to visit public places (restaurant, cafeteria, bar, lobby of the hotel) in swimming suits and bathrobes, to smoke in suites and in halls of non-smokers.

8. Every guest gets an electronic key of a suite. For reasons of guests’ safety and safekeeping of their property, it is forbidden to pass a key-card to the third parties. Every hotel’s client is responsible to the hotel for safety of received electronic key of a suite.

9. Children’s Accommodation and Providing with Extra Beds
By accommodation of children younger than 12 years in a suite together with parents, extra bed for children’s accommodation is free of charge.
By accommodation of children older than 12 years or adults, fee of extra bed is 40.00 EUR per night. Maximal amount of extra beds in a suite - 1.
On request of the client, an extra bed must be confirmed at the time of booking.

10. Pets
Our hotel does not provide any conditions for pets accommodation. In exceptional cases, the possibility to bring a pet in the territory of the hotel must be accorded with a directory of the hotel.

11. Safety
Your provided information will be added to the database of the hotel Royal Spa & Hotel Resort and will be used only by the hotel. All information is strictly confidential.
For security reasons in the territory of the hotel, there is an access control for cars of guests. Leaving the territory of the hotel, it is necessary to get a permission card. 
For guests’ personal security and maintenance of order in the territory of the hotel, there is a video-control. 
To avoid the fire development, guests of the hotel are strictly recommended to follow accepted rules and fire regulations.
If the hotel provides the client with a paid or gratis parking place for his/her car at the garage or parking of the hotel, it is not identical to the safety agreement. The hotel is not entitled for a loss or damage of a car which is parked in the territory of the hotel.

12. Important information
Royal Spa & Hotel Resort is following the “non-smoking” policy in the territory of the hotel. There is a fee of 150 EUR for every case of smoking in suites and in the places where are situated signs of non-smoking zone.
The directory of the hotel can deny services to the guest who is in drunken or narcotic state.
In the event of accommodation rules breaking, the directory of the hotel is entitled to terminate the guest’s stay.
In the event of damage and/or destruction of property of the hotel by the guest due to the fault of his/her inadvertence, the guest is obliged to compensate the damage done to the hotel in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. 
All arguments, contradictions and disputes are liable to the final settlement but courts of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

13. Additional information
If you have any medical, allergic or any other problem that affects your accommodations, please inform the staff of the hotel by making reservation.

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